Can not change my Nickname

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I can’t change the username. What needs to be done to change the username, urgently needed

4+ years disabled “temporarily.” What a joke, I can’t see the code being all that hard to fix…come on man!

3+ Years and there is still nothing to fix (I wrote this in July 21 already).

We turned the system off and the decision when or how renaming will happen again is not public yet.


Well this is a joke. If you don’t want to support basic functionality, the people will eventually stop using TeamSpeak.

Its just your myteamspeak nick, you can set nick name in your bookmarks and anyone on the server see that.
In ts5 client contact list your friedns can set custom nick and they will know who are you… just like on steam…
I think its not a big problem.


It’s nice that it does not seem to be an issue for you, it certainly seems to be an issue for a lot of people, looking at this thread…
If there is no technical reason to keep this feature locked then it seems like a bad business decision.

this is not true since teamspeaks “matrix chat” stuff is linked towards the username. So e.g. someone has a name he want to change out of w/e reasons, he cant but everyone can see his “username” regarless if he wants or not.

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Is it possible to fix this feature or give old users 1 chance to change it, very stupid names were defined as usernames in the old days