Can not change my Nickname

i would like to change my current name to Synetic ive made already a ticket before but that was 2020 so got the username thing fixed? its tells me " die aktion darf nicht ausgeführt werden" something like that

would be great to get an answer asap ty

ur kidding right wait u answered on my last thread from 2020 or?

and they didnt fixed it until now? wow

Well, it is turned off intentionally. That doesn’t mean I’d like for this to come back too, tho…

hm is there any other option to change my name?

Hello! I have a problem changin my nickname. When i try to change it from the client, it says that i’m not allowed to perform this action (the password is correct). Can anyone help?

That is currently the Case


is there a date where we can finally change the username?

It is unknown when this feature will be enabled again.

I seriously don’t get how this has not been fixed in over three years…
Bumping thread, since it’s still an issue!

This is not an Issue at all
It has been disabled for technical reasons.
So it will come back in the Future. :slight_smile:

It seems like an issue to many users just from following this thread (me amongst them) and “technical reasons” don’t just last three to four years unless nothing is being done about whatever “reasons” they are… At least offer changing the Names manually through a ticket system!

Please, give me the opportunity to change the account login, I created an account a long time ago, about 5 years ago, now I’m just starting to use Team Speaker normally and I want the nickname to be normal

Guys, you haven’t been able to figure out how to change your username for 4 years now! Please fix this now!



This is the current status

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hello, help me change my Username
In the application it says: the action is not allowed.
on the site, once you are logged in, you do not have the function to change Username

It’s also the case for me.

so from the previous replies, the system has been disabled for 4 years…?

well that’s one obstacle for trying to use this app again…well hope it gets fixed some time soon i guess