Can not save audio settings on non-default device since b65

Greetings, the audio settings still cannot be saved (e.g. switching VAD mode or AGC) when not using the system default audio devices. Even creating a new TS profile doesn’t help. Behaviour switched with beta65 already.

Looks fine here when i change AGC oder VAD setting.
Even on Restart it is still in state where i left it on my (Default and non default device)

With new profile you mean you deleted the settings.db ?

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At first I tried to rename settings.db, but it didn’t work…
Second try was renaming AppData\Roaming\TeamSpeak - to create a complete new profile, didn’t work either.

Then I had a look into the SQLite db and the JSON blob of the audio settings - it didn’t save my changes to the db. After restart even the device wasn’t the correct one. Is element 0 in the JSON’s first object layer for output and 1 for input? Otherwise the settings are saved vice versa :wink:

The other problem I see in the JSON: my selected device is “sometimes” saved in the JSON, but is missing in the “devices” -> “Windows Audio Session” sub list. Even some other virtual output devices are missing here. Are the devices maybe not recognized correctly as in- or output devices?

few months ago I started having a problem with Audio processing setting in Teamspeak. When I update my client, my Audio processing setting just reset itself to default and I cannot override this setting as you can see in gif below

Only way to fix it is to completely uninstall client and than install it back. Do anyone know, how to fix this issue? Reinstalling after every update is annoying.

Which OS do you use? If its windows, you might try to start TS Client with admin privileges.

I use windows and starting with admin privilages does not helped.

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Teamspeak 5 isn’t saving me setting for example when I try to set my VAD mode to hybrid and I close the settings it just switches back to automatic. Is there a “secret” save button?
Or is there a config file which I can edit?
I’m on the latest beta version which is beta67.

Thank you for your help,

Working fine here if i change VAD to Hybrid.

Maybe you have the same Problem like here:

Could you provide a Client log? Maybe we find something in the Client Log.

I have a GO XLR and the track which Teamspeak is using isn’t the default audio device but the default communication device.
I’m don’t know where to find the logs could you name the path please?

Logs are stored in %LOCALAPPDATA%\TeamSpeak\Logs\Default

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