Can not use the messenger

when i go to teamspeak beta i get this:
but i am connected to the internet
how can I solve this problem?

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Have you already updated your client to beta 68?

yes i have

Please provide your ts chat log.

It’s located under



so what should i do to fix it?

We currently don’t know what is causing the connection problem, so you need to provide the tschat.log

how to provide the file?

Copy the recent lines everything since the first of Feburary and paste them here or upload it to google drive, onedrive, mediafire etc.

thanks for the information

I don’t know how, but it resolved itself

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From the log it seems that the client ignored the error the server gives and tried it’s old data.

TSChat_Connect failed: server gone


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We see that the client created a new account on the new server.
But we still do not know why it tries to use the old one, even when the server replies an error.

Please open the cache folder and delete the tschat folder. Then try again.



I did it

And it still doesn’t work and log shows exact the same things? OR it works?

You may show your ts chat log


here is the updated chat log

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The log shows a successful connection to the right server and your account exists.

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