Cannot open TS5 properly on macOS

I’ve had the problem for a while that I can’t start TS5 properly on macOS 12.4.
I’ve tried downloading the software from and reinstalling it, but the problem persists.
Does anyone know or is it just me with this problem?

It looks like this when I want to start it:

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Okay I just let the program run longer and now I see the dashboard. After I have started it again afterwards also. But what was the problem?

probably a first time setup. did you have any further issues starting it up?

I haven’t noticed any more problems during startup so far. It was only this one time where it took about 10 minutes. Maybe because I migrated the Mac to a new system and it had to do something in the background? If that’s the case, it would still be nice if TeamSpeak says what’s happening. Similar to Discord with the update window, you know?

I have exactly the same problem ! Version 70. :’(

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So has his issue been addressed on M1/M2 yet?
Any optimisations for apple silicon?

App still keeps crashing.

This has nothing to do with Intel, M1 or M2 CPU or the MacOS version.
Also the report is not about a crash.

It’s about MacOS must resolve something (forgot the exact name for it and can’t search from tablet) and as long this isn’t finished the client won’t go on for a while.

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i installed the latest ts5 beta on my m1 Mac. The first time it started. Now after a restart it won’t start anymore. It shows only the Ts5 Logo.


Does it start again when you install the beta over the actual version?

When you restart client (after waiting a minute) and it won’t start again then this is a known issue we can not solve.


it seems like TS5 needs just a lot of time to start. TS3 crash instant while connection to a server.


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