Cannot open TS5 properly on macOS

I’ve had the problem for a while that I can’t start TS5 properly on macOS 12.4.
I’ve tried downloading the software from and reinstalling it, but the problem persists.
Does anyone know or is it just me with this problem?

It looks like this when I want to start it:

Okay I just let the program run longer and now I see the dashboard. After I have started it again afterwards also. But what was the problem?

probably a first time setup. did you have any further issues starting it up?

I haven’t noticed any more problems during startup so far. It was only this one time where it took about 10 minutes. Maybe because I migrated the Mac to a new system and it had to do something in the background? If that’s the case, it would still be nice if TeamSpeak says what’s happening. Similar to Discord with the update window, you know?

I have exactly the same problem ! Version 70. :’(

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