Cant connect to Server

Since I updated my TS5 today, I cant join any of the servers in my Fav list??? I just added them to allow through firewall & still cant join??? Any suggestions?

May you post the errormessage? Guess the servers are not up to date.

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There is no error message. It just wont connect. i opened TS3 & currently using that now…

I’ve not had anyone else report this issue. I’ve tried and asked a few others to try and it all seems to be working fine on our ends.


Same here, no issues whatsoever, does the new client provide logs? I see some log folder in appdata though it’s empty I also don’t see anything log related in settings

Any notice/error/hint in “Recent Server Events”?

i was able to reconnect only once today. not sure what the issue is…

I have experienced the same problem since I have gotten TS5. Only solution or work around that I have is open the TS3 client, connect to a server, then open TS5 and try and connect. It may take a few tries youd have to close it out and reopen it.
I have no clue why it is doing it but I open my client open a server and it just does nothing. No Error, no message nothing.