Cant recoonect to servers after first time use of the ts 5 client,

Hi I have a very simular issue as this one. Cant connect to Server I too can not reconnect to server sense the first launch of the ts 5 client. When ever i open it it will sit at

. It also wont lent me go back to online status it just says offline. I can go back to ts 3 and everything works just fine. I did read something somewhere about deleteing the cache for the ts5 client and this did work 1 time however I can not see having to do that every time i want to use the ts 5 client.


As FakE said, close and reopen TS5 Client and everything should be fine. If not, try to reinstall TS5 and if nothing helps, contact support.

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  1. You may wait a moment after client start. There is a known bug where fast connect (and other ways to connect) break any connection and only a client restart can fix this.

  2. You have a big Go online button when you switch from the Server tab.
    We have a ticket to add it into the drop down but haven’t decided yet if that will be included there.