Can't connect to TS3 Server outside of my network

First of all, im going to make a list of the software versions im using:

  • Client: 3.5.6 Windows and 3.5.6 OS X
  • Server: 3.13.3 Windows and 3.13.3 Linux

I created a TS3 server in my Windows server and all. It started and everything was “working”. I connected inside my LAN and it connected. I opened the ports for the host as shown below ( is the internal IP of the windows server):
and when i was going to try connecting with my external IP, well, it couldn’t connect.
I went to disable the Windows firewall just for testing and still nothing. Opened the ports in the advanced settings of the windows firewall, all with the correct protocols, but still, nothing.
Wasn’t working at all, outside the network.

I then made an Debian VM and created a new TS3 server. Connected within the LAN network to see if it was working and indeed was. Then i changed the WAN ports destination and tried to connect, but it also wouldn’t connect.
I also tried from the mobile network through my phone, and it also couldn’t connect.

I am facing this problem for quite a while and i have no idea what i can do more to make it work.
Does someone know what can be happening?

Please take a look here: [Solved] Hosting a TS3 Server at home

i’ve already done everything on the link you sent.
it seems its not a windows issue though, since the debian VM also had its problems on the connection.
if it had any problems on the firewall, wouldn’t it also have problems connecting inside the LAN network?

Windows isn’t the issue but your router.
It’s not able to resolve it’s own public IP address from requests inside your LAN.
That’s a common issue with older, cheap or most likely ISP routers.
There’s not much you can do about that other than replacing the router.

More details about the issue:

To connect to your hosted server (inside your LAN) just use it’s private IP address.
People outside your network should be to connect to your public IP address as long as you actually have one.

As long as the ports being forwarded to your device (the server runs on) and they are opened up in the firewall people should be able to connect to your server.

If this may still be an issue means you’re probably using a DS-Lite (tunnel) connection to your ISP.
If so you don’t actually have a public accessable IPv4 address.

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