Cant join a TS Server

Hello, I can not join a TS3 Server but my friends can join there. It is since today. There was never a problem but now I can´t join there anymore. What can I do?

Please tell more about your problem, so people can help you.
What are ste steps you follow? Which error do you get?
What did you try to do to solve your problem?

I want to join the server in my favorits but I cant. “Verbindung zum Server fehlgeschlagen”.
the server address is right.

Are you sure your friends can connect?
Maybe the server itself is modified or outdated

Yes they can. No the Server is not modified or outdated

The best thing to do is to read the following post.

Yes I joined both server in your link. I can join other servers but not this one. I asked the host but he dont know what to do too

Tell the host to update the server

thanks I can join now

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