Cant right click on user in ts5

hey so i’ve been using TeamSpeak 5.0.0-beta67 • Windows for about a year now and there are two bugs that makes me hate my self for using ts5 so i thought i should share these bugs for a possible fix

first there is this bug which i cant right click on clients and its been fixed or buged after certain updates and its now happening again but this time i can right click on channel’s and i don’t remember if i could right click on channel’s before when this bug would have happend ,also this bug won’t fix with restart or anything just some times it gets fixed by update

the second bug is related to connection info , when my internet disconnects and reconnects or i get timeout in any way that my ip changes after the timeout , this bug will happen that i cant check my ping(connection info is frozen and packets are grey meaning timeout) its frozen on the last ping that i got before timeout and the ip stays the same all though it got changed

and when i reconnect the server ip will refresh and i can get connection info again (we are using this version of server TeaSpeak 1.4.22 • Linux) also this bug wont happen in ts3 in the same server.

i hope the info was enough and you can fix these bugs also sry for any inconvenient
and thanks for checking the topic :slight_smile:

UPDATE : there is no need for the ip to change in the second bug it just happens with timeout and both bugs exist in a TeamSpeak server

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