Cant unban perm ban | admins unbanned me and I am still banned

I’ve played on a fivem teamspeak server, some hackers joined the main vc to troll, they got banned and got right back in (so they are probably hackers), in the middle of all of the sudden I get a perm ban. I talked to the owners and they removed my ban. Apparently, I am still banned and they told me they removed my ip ban and UIID ban but I am still banned (I gave them all the info I could and they found nothing). Could anyone please help? Is it a bug? could the hackers have banned me ?

The hackers :thinking: ? No it’s simple, you are still on the banlist.

Maybe your myTSID or your name or of your IP is still banned. There are so many possible ways to ban someone.


What is myTSID? I’ve tried to search for its meaning and found nothing. Is it my accounts username? is it my unique id?

It’s the ID you have when you use a myTS account (when you login to sync, use Badges etc).

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And you can find out your myTeamSpeak ID easily with the Better Default Theme

Something really odd is going on.
They’ve searched and removed all bans in the ban list with my: ip, unique id, client id and name.

I logged off my account got a new Unique ID and tried to log on and it didn’t work but when I’ve tried to log on my phone to the server it worked flawlessly ( the phone has the same ip as my pc). What else could it be?

ok, let throw some confusion in the mix.
Your phone and computer can not have the same internal IP, however, everything on your network will be shown to use the same external IP as that is what is assigned to your Router.

If they had removed all bans then you would be able to access the server, so chances are… They don’t want you to come back to the server, so they haven’t removed your ban! :astonished:

There is not some other magical way you are being blocked from connecting to a TeamSpeak server - The server can ban 3 things;

Outside of this, you could have received an IP ban to the host it’s self, however, as you said your phone can connect… Assuming that this is using your wifi connection with the same external IP as your computer that would eliminate this as a cause.

Therefore your only remaining option is that your “myTSID” or “name” is on the TeamSpeak server Ban list.

So this doesn’t make sense. It couldn’t be anything else, nothing.

The server admins would need to show that they are having an issue unbanning you and provide us with logs if they were unable to find the issue when looking at them…

I do get that but I’ve logged off myTS account, changed my name, change identities, even tried a VPN and nothing worked. so I don’t know which options are left if all 3 are taken care of. Even if they didn’t remove the bans I should be able to get in.

In that case, I think it’s IP ban (because MAC addresses, and maybe they make a difference) + VPN ban just in case someone wants to bypass ban.

Either way, you’re banned there. Maybe it’s like @R3v07v3R said

We don’t know for sure…

after some time I tried to find the answer on youtube and I found a good video, in it the person changed his product id through regedit. I tried it too and now I can connect to the server. I am still banned on myts account but I can just log off it. Thank you all for helping me :smiley:

That sounds like a hwid ban. However those bans are not possible through TeamSpeak but rather an unofficial TeaSpeak Server.

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I was banned from a server while back and i have recently been unbanned from it and we use ts for important reasons. I try to connect after the owner has unbanned me but it still says i am banned i need help asap if anyone can. THXS

The Owner has to check his ban list again, because you are still on the banlist.
There are always 2 bans, when a user right-clicks your name and adds a ban.
One is your UID and the second one is your IP. Both have to be removed to make sure you are not banned any longer. There is a third one in case the user had a myTS ID.

Can you post the Ban Error message please? :slight_smile:

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They have checked the ip ban list i will ask for the others and is the ban error message when i try to connect and it fails if so here
if this isnt it let me know i am not to sure

Please contact the admin again from the server. We can not help you on forum to solve this.

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bro what i was told to go here by a other ts tech support helper,
makes no sense to ask a admin of the server if they dont know how to fix it like??

The thing is, that we can not fix or access a ban that was made on any server. So if anyone tells you to come here, we can only give advice and Rikku did.

There is still a ban in their list matching your identity (UID) or Nickname or IP. The admin or any other user with access to their banlist needs to find and remove it.


Sorry to say that to you, but you must know that this Forum is for technical Support and we (The Community) and the Staff Members are here for technical support not for any kind of social problems.

But anyway, i wish you good luck for your Case and i still hope that you get unbanned. :slight_smile:

I am unbanned, i am saying that it still says i am banned

You are not unbanned, when it says that you are banned! There is nothing we can do for you here on forum. It’s their server, and their rules! Please understand, that this forum is not here to solve social problems…

There is nothing to fix here. It’s an admin decision.

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