CELT and Speex

Hello, I’ve got a question on how to use Speex or CELT in TS channels. As TeamSpeak claims those still work with TeamSpeak but not the other competitors.


Seems like I’m either unable to activate those somehow or got tricked by false advertising, because all I could find via Google was a hint to this changelog from nearly exactly a year ago where they were removed on the server side: TeamSpeak Server 3.11.0

So can someone explain me what is going on?

CELT and Speex are obsolete for like 2 years by now. You can’t use them in any new server.

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So why is TeamSpeak advertising that it works with them? Seems like false advertisement to me.

If I’m not wrong, some older servers still use these. Some people just don’t like to change what’s working for them and if someone set up their server years ago with one of these 2 (or more precisely, 4) audio codecs, they can still use it without a need to change.

So yeah, it’s not false advert, it’s just, in a way, a gray area. Server still can use these, if your server is from waaay back, but newer ones can’t. What’s this called… Oh yeah, backwards compatibility.

BTW, why even use it when Opus’ better and is more reliable? Same bandwith - better audio. Maybe only when you have 56k modem or something like that, but that’s another thing.

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The website is a mess and in dire need of an overhaul.

But since it needs to updated anyway once the new client version is released, they probably didn’t invest any time to update it in the meantime.

This isn’t “false advertising”, this is simply outdated information.

Why would you advertise that you are supporting outdated technology anyways?

I don’t know, ask teamspeak why they still advertise something on their main page that they removed over a year ago.

Al I see is that it is a checkmark on the teamspeak side (offering more codecs than competitors) but then you download it and find out they lied to you. So in my Eyes TeamSpeak is making up “Pros” for considering TeamSpeak over other services that are just blatant lies.

Now I need to check the other bullet points as well, because I can’t be sure that everything still works as advertised if they can’t update those things in over a year, maybe longer.

No. That’s not a lie.
The codec still exits in server and in client but can no longer be selected. We had such discussions already.

As random already said that table is not up-to date. This is all.
edit forwarded this “non issue” to be removed.


Thank you for the clarifying on this topic.

I understand this from a legacy and dev standpoint. But this would also mean I could push all kind of dead code into a product and claim it “has those features”, even tho the user can not use them (anymore).

But I acknowledge that this seems to be only an oversight. Still it leaves a bad taste that it takes over a year and a user in the forum to notice a such things on the main advertisement page of your product. Especially when you claim you already had this topic before and decided to keep that “non-issue” up.

In the end I’m glad that you forwarded it to be corrected so this deceptive advertising (I take back my false advertising claim from before, as it seems to be a honest mistake) will be gone.

Best wishes