Channel creation

I’m trying to find out how can i design the channels on my teamspeak 5 server (Not TS3)… 3 simple questions:

  1. Can i make categories??
  2. How can i change the size, font, and color of the channel name??
  3. How can i make a server member counter, rules channel, and announcement channel?
    This is where i got the idea from… someone on the teamspeak community shared this photo and i wanna know how can i organize my server like him Imgur: The magic of the Internet
    If there is any scripting or bots that can do that, then u can communicate with me on my discord account [Mostafa#7696] or even mail me on my gmail

Categories are made with subchannels. You create a normal channel and drag subchannels into the main channel.

You cant change the font or the size of the channel name but you can use special character to spice it up.

The Server count is just a normal Channel that is renamed by a Querry Bot. I’m not sure which one they are using but you should find one on the Internet.

Not sure how they colored the Channels greeb but i guess it is a channel banner → You can use this TS5 Channel Image Generator Tool 🛠️🖼️ to create a Picture displayed by multiple Channels. (You need the permission to set the Channel Banner)

which permission u r talking about i’m the owner of the server…
and talking about the bot… how can i add a bot to my server at all?
i’m using a free ts3joke server
also how could he change the font color to white in that picture above

For the Bot, you need to look in the Internet if you find a Bot that meets your standards otherwise you need to programm it yourself.

You cant just add the Bot to your Server. You need to Host it yourself so you need to make sure you have a Server where the bot could run 24/7

which party of the picture?

so i have to host my own server or it’s available to add the bot on a free server host like ts3joke

ignore what i said about the color but um how can I make a channel without name like in the picture to make spaces between every channel?

i don’t know if ts3joke lets you host a bot
maybe check the server control panel or something like that to see if it is supported

Blank Channels: [spacer(insert unique number or name for different channel names)]

Lines between Channels: [*spacer(insert unique number or name for different channel names)](insert here a special character that you want as a line between your channels for example a = or - )

Centered Text: [cspacer](insert text here to get a centeted text)

Left aligned Text: [lspacer](insert text here to get a left aligned text)

Right aligned Text: [rspacer](insert text here to get a right aligned text)

do u have a discord account or myteamspeak account so i can communicate with u easier??
my teamspeak 5 account is [[email protected]]

There is no ts5 server, just ts server. Just sayin. :slight_smile: