TS5 Channel Image Generator Tool 🛠️🖼️

Hello :wave:, fellow TS5 Beta testers,

In my opinion, one of the coolest feature of the new TeamSpeak client is the ability to have background images on your channels which will make your server looks absolutely insane.

But the process of creating such a seamless image over multiple rooms can be a little bit tedious so I decided to create an online web app that you can use to generate those images.

You can use the app right now in your browser, just click here. :point_left: :point_left:

It is very simple to use, just upload your image, adjust the options until you like the placement of the image over the rooms, and then just export and download the ZIP file that will contain a set of images that you can use as images on your channels (In beta client click on Room you want to edit > Edit > White pencil at the right-bottom of the cover area > Set the URL to one of the images > Set Do Not Adjust > Save > Save). To obtain the image URL you will have to upload the files to the internet, you can use your own web server or service such as imgur.com.

Btw, no images are uploaded/stored on the server. All the magic :magic_wand: is done in your browser.

I hope you will like the app and you will find it useful. If you have any idea how to improve the app or you have found a bug feel free to open an issue on GitHub or comment here. Also, any contribution to code on GitHub si welcomed. :+1:


wow :open_mouth:
nice :smiley:

That’s very cool :+1:



A big thanks.
I wast so much time on gimp to try some aspect ^^
Very usefull good work.

Very nice man, I’ll look at it soon

Valued job, haven’t seen such great tools since quite a while now… :arrows_counterclockwise: :arrows_counterclockwise: :arrows_counterclockwise:


Pretty epic tool!

very nice! well done!

Good job :innocent: :ok_hand:

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Nice! Do you mind if I share this on a social post?


Nice, love this tool.

Absolutely! I would be very happy if you share it :blush:




That’s impressive mate! Thank you :slight_smile:


thanks you

@pitkes22 as i said above, it’s impressive, but i think i found a small issue - if you know how to solve it.
So if i upload an image with background everything seems to be fine, but without a background the image gets copied from the previous parts.

With BG:
Without BG:


Thank you for bug report. :+1: It should be fixed now :white_check_mark: