Client Beta 72 won't start anymore

Bad update . after updating ,my teamspeak client just wont open at all. had to reinstall :-1:

And then updating worked?

How did the Client behave?
You got a Log or crashdump? Or anything else?


I was just pressing the restart button for the update… and then nothing happend. No the update isnt working

Please try to answer all the questions from my Last Post.

Additional questions to this.

Which Operation system is this?
What Happens without Restart Button? Just Close the client and then start it manually.


OS: Windows 10 Pro
Restarting it manually doesn’t change anything, it just wont open

Have you checked the task manager, if there are any running tasks still there?

nothing there

Is there a way to stop ts from updating automatically, so that i can at least use it on the version before the update which is working?

Auto update can’t be disabled.

My first questions about a log or anything else remains unanswered.

Also make sure that your drivers are up to date and hardware still got some updates the last 2 years.
Same counts for Windows updates.

You may try to start the client with this parameter --no-sandbox
Explained in more details.


Adding this changes nothing for me. As for the logs, I don’t know how to get them :-/

  • Edited my post. Must be --sandbox as shown on the picture.

  • Open this folder. Clear all files in there. Then start the client.


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Everything is up do date. Which file should i send, i guess its the cef.txt ,is it?

All in a zip.

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but i got i got 850 files in there

i wrote this!
Then start client and send what is generated.


Oh sorry, but i cant send zip files, they aren’t authorized to send

Upload it here or anywhere else you want.

PS i will move the conversation to a new thread where it is only about your issue!

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got it. - Upload files for free and transfer big files easily.

Ok shows nothing i can work with.

  • What hardware do you use?
  1. Press Win + R key
  2. Type dxdiag
  3. In the dialog you will find Save All information
  4. Upload the file
  • is there a crashdump? Please clean folder first and then start client and see if a new one is generated.
    %LOCALAPPDATA%\TeamSpeak\User Data\Crashpad\reports

  • Anything in windows error report about that crash?

  1. Press Win key
  2. Type Event Viewer
    In the event viewer you find Windows logs > Application
    In Level should be a red x

The Event manager didn’t show any errors. - Upload files for free and transfer big files easily.

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