Closed beta access

Waves 31 and 32 have just been launched.

Quick note: There is a number of people who have gained access to the beta, but haven’t downloaded this yet.

You can check this via:, your login is your myTS login. If you have gained access, it should take you to the downloader.


You may or may not have seen the social media announcement today, if not TeamSpeak is now available to download from the Windows11 store!

You no longer require closed beta access to voice chat on your favourite servers on the new client, but will still require closed beta access to unlock the global chat features using the methods listed above.


(Sharing this one day early as I’ll be on holiday) Waves 33, 34 and 35 launched - Should be in September now registration wise.

Important: If you’re not in the beta and want to give the new client a try, this is your final chance to join the closed beta. You can do this via This option will be closing down so sign up :slight_smile:


We’ll be releasing a new wave soon. Just updating this post based on the recent social media announcements.

This has been added to our FAQ’s which you can review by clicking on the links below:

For EN

For DE

In the beta chat group and from some DM’s we’ve received, I think a few people have determined that this is the open beta. Currently we’re still in the closed beta phase in relation to the new client, just wanted to clarify this point.


A new wave has just unlocked. Please check to see if you can access the global chat features now.


Another new wave has just unlocked. Everyone who has registered up to October the 14th should now be able to gain access to the global chat features.

If you have registered before October the 14th, but still don’t have access:

  1. Have you switched your myTeamSpeak account email address beyond registration? If you have, please message me here or DM us on our social media platforms to review this further.

  2. Do you have more than one account? Double check your alternative account. We will only apply access to the account that has registered on

  3. You haven’t signed up. You can do this on


This will be continued via: Updated: Closed Beta/Global Chat Features as this post is out of date etc :slight_smile: