[DEAD] [Plugins] Now available TEAMSPEAK 5 UNOFFICIAL Plugin Installer


:warning: DISCLAIMER

This no longer works. Installing any of the plugins will lead to the client not starting anymore. By uninstalling the client might start again, if not it is easiest to reinstall TeamSpeak.

With this all-new TEAMSPEAK 5 UNOFFICIAL Plugin Installer you can now install plugins to your TeamSpeak 5 client! This innovation works by directly modifying the TeamSpeak 5 installation files. This way TEAMSPEAK 5 UNOFFICIAL Plugin Installer can inject any plugin you want into the TeamSpeak 5 client. TEAMSPEAK 5 UNOFFICIAL Plugin Installer comes with 3 addons you can install and use simultaneously! Get TEAMSPEAK 5 UNOFFICIAL Plugin Installer now for free on github.com!

In all seriousness

I have developed this installer some time in the past. Unfortunately some internal changes to the TeamSpeak 5 beta made this installer unusable. Now that I had some ideas for new plugins I was motivated to update this installer and make it usable again.

What does it do?

This installer can inject all sorts of scripts to the TeamSpeak client. At the moment there are 3 addons available.

Addon Description
Image Auto Load With this addons all images send to any channel are automatically downloaded without any user interaction.
Keep Playing This addons tries to keep GIFs running when the client is not focused.
Rich Embeds This addon embeds videos and images in the chat.

More addons?

If I receive any good ideas for plugins that are possible to implement with the current method I might add them.
If you want to create your own addon feel free to do so and create a pull request.

How does it work?

The code of the addons is directly injected into the index.html file of the client. This way the script injection prevention is circumvented and the addon can work.


Me and this tool are in no way associated to the TeamSpeak Systems GmbH or any other body of the TeamSpeak conglomerate.
This tool modifies your TeamSpeak 5 installation files and thus requires UAC elevation on Windows to function. I am not responsible for anything that might happen. If something goes wrong you can either reinstall TeamSpeak or wait for an update. Every time TeamSpeak updates all the addons will be removed. So you need to reinstall them.
Different versions of the installer might not be cross compatible. Every version is only guaranteed to be able to uninstall addons that were installed with the same version.
All files including the addons are hosted and compiled on the GitHub servers and publicly visible.

Download & Usage

To use this addon installer you will need to download the correct version for you platform.
The latest version can always be found here on GitHub.
Antivirus software or other security software may block either download or execution but this is just because the executables are not signed. For Mac you need to Ctrl + Click on the App in Finder to open it in order to see the option to open an unsafe program.

To install an addon simply click on the Install button. Windows may ask you for Admin privileges because the installer tries to modify program installation files. After you entered the credentials the program will relaunch and you will need to click on Install (or Uninstall respectively) again.

After installing or uninstalling an update you will need to restart the client to see any changes.


If you want to contribute feel free to fork and PR - there is always stuff to do :​)
For a list of TODOs checkout the README.

*¹ This addon is currently work in progress. At the moment images and some videos are supported. For technical reasons the mp4 format cannot be supported.


Finally, someone created a Tool that every TeamSpeak 5 User needs.


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I admire your work and thank you for helping us (TeamSpeak Community) with this good work

Keep it up. :slight_smile:


Good work as always!

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As of Beta 71 this is officially dead. With the newly introduced client integrity check, there is no easy way to inject code into the client.
One possibility I may explore in the future is to have a standalone program that injects addons via the remote debugging port but I don’t really like that either.

This is really sad, as plugins are still not supported in the new client despite being a fundamental part of TS3 and one of the first features announced.
So for now I will archive the repository.