Suggestions: Extensions browser for TeamSpeak 5

Overview of installed extensions which are sorted by type. They can be activated or deactivated. If a theme is installed, it should be more visible in the appearance tab and also available to active in the Extensions tab.

You can open the settings of an addon by clicking on the card itself. All available options will
be shown under the extensions.

To find more extensions a search function would make sense to make it easy to install and update extensions in the fly. You can see previews on each card and while hovering over it, it should automatically cycle trough the pre defined images.

Clicking the card the extension page opens in a overlay, where you are able to add custom installation notes or features that your extension offers. And also a way to show the changelog of each extension. The left side shows the preview images and ways to contact the author as well as a way to install it or uninstall it, if it is already installed. The right side shows similar themes, for example different color schemes or other extensions created by the author, that the author can refer to.

Extensions used in the concept:


TeamSpeak Unofficial Addons Installer

Colorful TeamSpeak

If the team does not want to give feedback publicly or at all that that is fine to me, but it would mean a lot to me if anyone would do so here or privately (via the client). I can also provide the .Ai file if needed.


This would be awesome. Love your Suggestions. :blue_heart:


good work Leon!! You were productive while I was eating chips

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