Default device doesn't change in client, when changed in Windows

Version: 5.0.0-beta.25

TeamSpeak is a communication service and thus uses the Windows default communication device.
This can be really confusing. In the sound settings (not the normal Windows settings but the left window in your screenshot) make sure when you right click the desired device is selected as default device AND default communication device.


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ok i fixed the problem thank you

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hello, in 5.0.0-beta77 there is a problem with default audio device , it stucked . in my case i got headphones as default device and whatever i choose in win11 as current audio device - it doesnt matter for TS - its current device is headphones until i switch it in TS. i tried to close and open TS client , but it didnt help
would like to see an option that will allow user to set current output audio device via win switch device panel - there is “default” device in TS , need “current win device” option

upd- thx for moving my post to similar topic, but in win 11 it looks like OS have to have some output device as default and there is no option DISABLE (there are options - to set as default device or as default communication device, no option disable it) , user have to set some device to be a default one, that’s make problems, because TS or Discord use that default device and if i will switch current device in win11, then ts or discord wont do that as they have default device set in options.
i need an option for TS to use CURRENT win audio device every time i switch audio device in win11
(during the day i can use speakers, but in evening i use headphones and when i switch one or another in win11 , TS or discord they dont switch anything)
ps. looks like it is win11 problem with a need to set a default device that will be used despite which current device is chosen in win11

The only problem here is that Microsoft hides options in Windows to make it easier to understand for non tech users.

The option to set a default communication device is still there and must be used to change the default the device for TeamSpeak too.

I’m on tablet so I can’t show where to find. But Google has enough results for this.


but i dont need default communication device , i need to be able to switch output device in win11 and all apps should use that device, like in previous win versions
but at the moment , there are two win devices - default one - that TS will use by default , and also there is a CURRENT win11 device on a panel, where is possible to switch to another device , and when you switch output devices in win11 , TS dont switch it, because it has another DEFAULT device and it doesnt matter what is switched in win11
for example - internet browsers dont have “default output device” - they use what is currently set in win11 sound panel and when i switch to another device in win11 start panel - browser automatically uses that another device every time i switch it in win11.
i suggest to add an option to TS to use CURRENT win11 device like other apps do (not only DEFAULT one)
here is an example - i have TS and Opera running at the same time. i also have my headphones as a default device for TS as general default, same as communication default. as well i have speakers on my monitor, so i can choose an output device in win11 start panel (right bottom corner). so when i switch from headphones to monitor for output sound - opera start to use monitor speakers , but TS still uses headphones , as it set to be used by default. TS dont care which device is switched in win11 start panel
when i choose realtek r audio in win11 - i need TS to use it , when i switch PHL nvidia device in win11 - i need TS to use it. now it is impossible to do. because default win11 device is not the same as currently used device

again - i need that ALL APPS will use ONE output device which i will use in win11 as current one

I understood that already, but that’s not how it works.

You must change the default communication device on Windows and not just the default device.
These are 2 different things.


if i will set a default communication device then it will be used in ts ALWAYS , and when i switch output device in win 11 , TS will not switch anything , because there is another device is set to be used
my question is not how to set a device to be used in TS , my question how TS could use win11 output device when i switch it (NOT DEFAULT ONE)

TS settings use devices separately from win11 devices, need win11 to be in charge which device will TS use

I don’t get what else I can say.

  • TS client requires a default communication device, when in client Default as device was set.
  • TS client will only use this device when flagged in Windows as default communication device.
  • TS client can’t and won’t change any audio settings outside the client itself.

The only way to change this type of device is on Windows or Audio drivers.

  • The menu in system tray won’t change the default communication device it will only change the default device, which is mostly not also the communication device.
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WHY ? why do i need to change audio device in TS separately from win11 ? in win 10 or earlier version it was ok , when i change what device is currently used in windows , it changes in every single app… as well in ts3 . but in win11 they add stupid DEFAULT devices which will be used separately from currently used win11 device
can TS have an option to use current win11 device ?

This is nothing new.
In Windows Vista, 7, 8.x, 10 & 11 both device flags did exist and could be changed separately.

The old menu is still there as it was in Windows 7 (and older) and there is a newer version on Windows 11 (which I suggested to Google for it).

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looks like in older versions switching to another device automatically set that device to be used by default for all apps, but in win11 they change it to separate using in each app… stupid idea
there is no solution how can i use this or that device at once for all apps, there are only topics “how to use different devices for different apps” , about default devices etc. not that i’m looking for (

Yes I’m to lazy to make a step by step how to on my tablet.


ah… i cant explain it in perfect english… i ask a different thing… i want that win11 will set which device is NOW IN USE for TS and all programs , but as there is DEFAULT device , it does not matter which one i choose in win11 sound menu , in TS a default device will be used , not that win11 currently uses (only manual switching device in TS will change which one will be used)

I think the English posts are fine and we just turn in circles :face_with_spiral_eyes:

You must change the default communication device, not the default device on Windows or else TS won’t use it as default device.

These are 2 different flags on Windows and we use the default communication device as default in client.

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You say about default device. it will be used until i change it to another device IN TS , but i ask how to set win11 to change device in TS .
i have speakers and headphones , AT THE MOMENT i am watching a movie with VLC player and win11 uses speakers , so i hear a sound from speakers. then i switched win11 output device and now i hear sound from my headphones.
BUT TS have own audio device settings and it can use A DEFUALT device which i set in win11 ( regular one or for communication , it does not matter) or TS can use the device that is set from TS
i ask how can win11 choose audio device for TS , like it does for VLC player

i hope this will help
i need to change audio device, that TS will use, from here (win11 TASKBAR sound menu) in —>1 click<— , as i can do for opera or vlc player or other programs
ok , or maybe it is possible to set a hotkey to change TS audio device ?

No no no no no.

I wrote:

  • The default communication device must be changed in Windows.
  • Not with menu in system tray!!
  • Default device is not the same as the default communication device flag

You must change the default communication device and you don’t do that in Windows 11 system tray!

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again - it is not about DEFAULT device for TS , it is about HOW CAN win11 CHANGE device in TS , as it does for all other programs from tray

You don’t.

You use the the sound settings from Windows and not the system tray.

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ok how can i change output device for TS - only from TS settings ?