Disconnecting from server

Hi, I have a problem that sometimes when i call Ts3 just disconnects me and says reasonmsg=connection lost.
I tried to reinstall ts but it didn’t help.
Thanks :smiley:

And sometimes I have to reset ts to be able to join the server. It’s on all of the servers i tried.

Hi, its sounds there are problems with your internet connection (maybe ddos) so first things first check your internet :slight_smile:
Example try ping in command prompt.
If you connect via wifi check the signal strength.
(it could also be that there is a lot of wifi nearby and they are interfering with your signal)
If you able to join a server, check your connection info.
only teamspeaks are affected by the error?
web pages load?
Are online games going?

My internet is bad :smile: but my games are running without any issue. Web pages don’t do any problems and I can insure you that in my surroundings there isn’t any wifi :smile: . Nothing else makes too much problems except for ts.

It’s basically this: Random disconnects
but i didn’t see any solution here…