[Discussion] TS3 Client 3.5.0 [Beta]

This thread is for collecting feedback about the current 3.5.0 beta client.

See the announcement for changelog and information about 3.5.0 beta.


I really like the changes! Especially the comfort noise feature! Keep up the work!

Also, the Hybrid detection mode really solved one of my biggest problems! Making the noise gate low and my friends not hearing my ingame sounds through my headphone! I had that problem for a really long time.

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I’ve noticed that since I’ve had Hybrid on, so much less background noise has made it through voice activation, but my voice has been transmitted perfectly. TS algorithm def better than the YouTube algorithm :wink:


Awesome work on allowing our TS3 friends to connect to the TS5 officially hosted servers!

With 3.5.0 [Beta]] (22.01.2020 04:55:35) connected to free 10 slot server version 3.10.0-SP7 (14.01.2020 06:31:29) with Server Owner group when I attempt to List All Clients I get an error database error.


Tnx. That’s a known issue.

We haven’t checked yet if that is even a client error or an error in the database.


I’m currently working on updating my theme to support the new badge showcase.

Looking at it, I’m not quite sure whether I should actually implement it as it takes away a decent amount of space in the info frame.

I realize that the TeamSpeak 3 client is semi-dead, so I guess you guys can’t just add a checkbox to the “design” options so users can toggle this thing on and off, can you?

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