[Skin] Dark - A dark theme for TeamSpeak 3

NOTICE: This project is no longer maintained.

Dark is a dark style and icon pack which looks surprisingly similar to another popular voice communication software. How did that happen?


Main Window Options Window Server List
Client main window including main toolbar, server tabs, channel tree, info window, chat tabs, status bar and tooltip. Main options window, including list, combobox, slider, custom radio button, custom checkbox and button elements. Server list window, including table, toolbox, combobox, custom checkbox and button elements.

Video (only available in German)


Dark Style (myTeamSpeak)
Dark Icon Pack (myTeamSpeak)

Latest Version

Visit the GitHub Project Page for more information and latest versions.

Open Source

Found a bug? See something you’d like to improve? The “Dark” theme is open source. Simply report an issue or submit a pull request on GitHub.


Looks Great :smiley:

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i use these two:
DarkenTS Style
DarkenTS Icon Pack
this two are the best what I have seen so far


Thanks for the compliment, Stefan, this means a lot!

I would appreciate it, though, if people wouldn’t use the discussion/release thread of other skins to promote my work! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you.

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Nice,Thanks :sunglasses:

For anyone already running the 3.5.0 client:

I just released version 1.0.0 on GitHub which adds support for the new badge showcase in client info frames.

I didn’t like the bulky appearance of the default theme though, so I decided to go with small icons and one badge per line instead:


The myTeamSpeak release will follow when client 3.5.0 goes out of beta.


This with https://www.myteamspeak.com/addons/4f8b0ebf-eb4a-4c37-9c4f-366813ffcf79 is an unbeatable combo.

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I got an unexpected merge request today which fixes the seemingly hard-coded blue links in the options window and other windows:

It also introduces theme colors for friends and blocked contacts.

Both fixes are included with version 1.0.1.


Just out of curiosity what is the difference between the add-on and the icon pack and style? Does using the add-on version fix something that the icon pack and style simply cannot? Or is the add-on just a version that combines the icon pack and style into one?

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That’s it.

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