Display Images and Videos in the chat

Show images in the chat like other voip clients do.


This feature already exist.
What do you mean exactly?


I can paste images on the chat window, but I can’t send them :-\

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Pasting vids or photos doesn’t work that way. You need to paste a link to vid/photo and it must be accessible by so called robots.


These [URL] parts are, I think, added automatically but I’m not sure cause this photo was sent to me by my friend using TS3 Client.

Also, Facebook pictures do not work (or at least they weren’t working back when we sent them each other) as well as Twitter ones.


Seems to work for me

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Well, I can paste pics manually with “Control+V” but pressing either Enter or Message button makes nothing for me. When I tried to send my pic and gif, only gif was sent.

If it’s working for you, how do you do it?

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In chats provided by the TS3 server, images cannot be posted as the server only supports text.
You can send them in group chats as well as private chats with your contacts.
The input box is the same and currently does not differentiate, so it still shows you the preview.


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