Due to NPL licence expiry ,if i can't get another licence how can i reuse my old server set up/config?

I have tried removing the licence key .dat for the npl , i have even created a new server added my old server ini file and my old servers ts3server.sqlitedb file ,which stored my config, but when i launch i get the same not running sever i can run it virtually using the YaTQA App,

Is there any way i can save totally reconfiguring things as i had named the server changed permissions and ports ECT ,I really don’t want to go through all that again

There is absolutely no need to re setup anything for another license?
The only thing that needs a change is the slot count if new license allows more or if server does not start because to many slots where set.

In case you still want to backup or migrate to another machine.


So i log in using putty (telnet) the use the command you wrote, but how do i reduce the number of slots to 32 from 50 these are the errors in the server log

loading VirtualServer(1) failed to start, error: max slot limit reached and this Unable to open licensekey.dat, falling back to limited functionality

Exactly like that and you ignore the log because you start the server like written in the example.


Got it working, but only with 32 slots, as it was set to 50 But using putty and the commands but replacing the =128 max to 32 max it didn’t change? But i found i could change it using YaTQA, it then worked

Yes because the Default only allows 32 slots to be used on server start.

The commands in my example are step by step and they work exactly as wrote there and YatQa does perform the same things in background.

But as long you could solve it everything is fine.


Yeah, and thanks for your help

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