"failed to resolve hostname"

I recently bought a new computer, wiped the drive and such. I downloaded Teamspeak Beta as that is my default to use while playing games and have never had any problems with it on my previous device. How ever, on my new computer I have been only allowed to connect to one server, all other servers I try and connect to it thinks for a minute or so than says it has failed to resolve hostname.

I did some research and the only thing people have come up with is that my Firewall is blocking it, but I don’t think so because it connects to the one server without any problems at all. I have tried connecting to different servers with my Anti-Malware disabled, I even tried using TS3 but got the same results. The only thing that is different about the one I can connect to was that I added it while on my new computer. But when I add others those won’t work.

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