Feedback: Rework the navigation menu

The current navigation bar itself is an interesting idea. You just search for what you’re looking for.
But I think it can be confused with a standard searchbar. Moreover, there are buttons where you can switch to different sections, some change their actions e.g. when switching to the dashboard the menu button switches with the server button (I don’t know why that is even there).Then, when you open the server menu, the icons switch again etc…
It’s just to confusing and complicated to switch between the important sections:

  • Server
  • User
  • Dashboard / Homescreen / Side menu

It sould be easier to:

  • access the server and chat list to easily switch between those (without having to click through , …)
  • see where you currently are
  • recognize what is a searchbar and what is a navigation menu

Many applications with chats and servers just use a slim sidemenu, and I think it’s generally not a bad idea.
This probably will not work with small windows (which I think is a amazing feature, that teamspeak allows really small windows), but I could think of some kind of side drawer you could toggle with a fixed button on the top right. Or maybe a totally different top bar.

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Yeah that’s a request from many people. I agree with you.

Please move the post to Suggestions and Feedback

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o wow, how could overlooked that topic 🤦🏼‍ i’ll move it