My Opinion about new Ts

I am using teamspeak since… ugh maybe a year. Today is the first time someone i know has it too, so I were able to use some more features of teamspeak 5.

Well since i am using it i am not sure about the UI overall. I like it, that many parts of the ts3 ui is still here but i also see that this old stuff doesn’t fit with the new one 100%.


It is realy nice to have chats globally with contacts. But I don’t like it how they are built into the UI. At the moment these chats overlap server chats. I think it would be better if they either replace server / channel chats or replace the whole server window. Additionally it would be nice, if i can close the chat window the same way i opened it. (By clicking on the symbol in left panel)

Left Panel:
Don’t know how its named…
Overall i like it that it exists but it would be nice, if I could collapse it or something else. Well the Teamspeak window seems overloaded in width. This would realy help to reduce it. Maybe you see just a small strip and when you hover over it, it unfolds.


I agree with you for the left panel, i suggest to make it collapsable, too.

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