Side Panel of TS5 hide? How?

Hello, im using ts5 now for about 30 Minutes, set it up on my 2nd Screen and its weird. Just like the Chat window now on the right side, ok. I can deal with it. The middle Window of the Server with Channels and Users. Ok. But the Left Side Panel. No. It should be Possible to hide it, or like make it small so you still can see if you got a messages.

Maybe there is a way to hide it, but i not find it. Almost I uploaded a Pic, with the Red Market Area :slight_smile: So you can understand my Problem better.

I Hope you can just make TS5 more customize :slight_smile:

best greetings


Yeah, I think that too. Nice suggestion.
Move the post into Suggestions and Feedback


+1 I find this very frustrating and would improve UI a lot.


Very annoying, especially if you have the client on half screen width you do not see the channel list but instead the chat and this serverlist which is the least useful view.
You could make use of the top bar and put the currently connected servers as a badge there if the serverlist is hidden.

It’s not that annoying after you use it for a while, at least for me. How it’s annoying to you on FHD or larger screens?

And before you ask, I have even smaller secondary screen (1280x1024, main is FHD, but it’s for browser/text/graphics/games. TS goes on that small one.) and everything is quite nice, but…

…yeah, it might be a good idea to be able to shrink that side panel even just a little bit, but it’s not something necessary right now.

Why would you use teamspeak in fullscreen? 99% of time the only information you need is the channel list. I assume most of ts3 users place the client on the second screen about a third or half of the second screen beside music/browser ect.

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