Fragnet teamspeak not working?

hi my ts from fragnet as suddenly stopped working. anyone else have this problem ?

the address was

Have you tried contacting the Hosters support?

Hi do u have any hosting servers I could connect too pls and my friends say it works for them ?

weird how suddenly not work for me and i tryed even my firewall off


Here are some other possible solutions you could try to fix the problem.

hi leon thank you so far trying to help me, i have sent lots of emails to my teamspeak provider but no reply and it seems there website has gone to ?
clicked on both your links and all i get is a blank screen ?
tryed my firewall on and off and no luck

all my friends can connect to my TeamSpeak but not me all of a sudden ?
i have done system restores too but no luck ?
here is my teamspeak address
it keeps saying to me fialed to resolve host name ?
any way ucan contact fragnet for me please
thank you

I think their website is and not

The IP that I posted earlier is not a link to join a server, you need to manually insert in into the connection window.
The link provided by @TS.ChrisR are no longer valid as they changed how the link behaves.

When trying to join your Server I get a password prompt, so from my side it is also working. Try this IP

I don’t have any other way than you to contact the Hoster.

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Hi Leon, thanks a million for your reply’s its been very useful.

In fact for some strange reason it let me back in to my TeamSpeak yesterday but my admin had gone ?

good news for now i am back in my TeamSpeak and thank you for the host link which works so far, its weird how my other link for host i been with for years did not work.

take care and big thank you for all your help

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You probably need to change your Identity in the connection menu, as this might be different from the one you are using in the Bookmark settings.

Nice to hear that you can connect again :slight_smile:

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Hi Leon, thanks to you with the frag net right addresses I have managed to login to my fragnet TS account and generate another admin key and i am now admin again :grinning:
very strange how i lost everything other day,
but big help again thank you

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