Got the blank screen again

it be brken again was working fine in last version

restarted had to close program by going to task bar right click closewindow that closes the program

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i had to close program totally


ok shift ctrl does not work since one of the processes crashed just had it this morning now 14th march at 0655 gmt and i was looking and one of the servers was clicking sluggish i had 64 gb ram and 8 cores
ram useage was at 7to 6 gb and and killing restarting program only way

You can always try to reload the UI using Ctrl + R before restarting entirely.
It helped me a lot when getting a blank screen since I got hold of the beta.
When using Ctrl + R all current servers are kinda lost…
You are still connected but…

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happened again after ram useage used 5.1 gb ramn died

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