Grant, Skip & Negate

Before this information gets lost i copied stuff from old forum. (I may overhaul explanation at some point)

Ps in server directory (doc there is a permissiondoc.txt with detailed permission system)

Grant is needed to Assign/Remove/Modify a permission.
As a side effect it also allows/restricts to set target permissions.

Grant is not the limitation of a permissions max value.
It restricts if you can assign / change / remove permissions

The Grant Value X is compared against your i_permission_modify_power with Value Y.
Value Y must be equal or more than Value X to modify the selected permissions.

The name of such Grant permissions (in ServerQuery) are i_needed_modify_power_X
Where X depends on target permission.

Example: The power / The real Grant permission (in ServerQuery)
i_client_talk_power / i_needed_modify_power_client_talk_power
b_channel_create_temporary / i_needed_modify_power_channel_create_temporary


The “Skip” parameter can be set within the “Server Groups” and “Client Permissions” category only.
When selected, the “Client Permissions” or “Server Groups” permissions cannot be modified by the “Channel Groups” and “Channel” permissions.


The “Negate” parameter can be set within the Server Groups category only. When selected, the Server Group permission will check the same permission in other permission categories (“Channel Groups”, “Client Permissions” etc.) for the least greatest return value. (FALSE=0 or n<=x). This means that no single permission category has overwrite power stronger than the other categories, instead the category with the least return value will be selected as the dominant permission.

Source for Skip, Negate.

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