How to restrict channel access (aka user join a specific channel)

The question often return and it is not easy to explain the permission system of Teamspeak 3 simply with words.

It is very powerful but sometimes maybe a bit complicated.

I present here to you 2 solutions in several others, to restrict access to a channel.
In a second step, you have the opportunity to give some power to Channel Admin.

First of all:
You have to us the Advanced permission mode : Settings > Options > “Application” part > check Advanced permissions system

#1 - Restrict channel access by Join Permission :

1 - In the Guest server group remove these permissions :

  • b_channel_join_permanent
  • b_channel_join_semi_permanent
  • b_channel_join_temporary

(i_channel_join_power if it’s necessary)

2 - Create a new Channel Group with these permissions :

  • b_channel_join_permanent
  • b_group_is_permanent

If you want allow access for some specific channels (public channel)
1 - Right click on channel
2 - Channel Permissions
3 - Add b_channel_join_permanent

Now, you have to switch each users on a desired channel and add them in the new Channel Group.

#2 - Restrict channel access by Join Power :

1 - In the Guest server group:

  • Remove i_channel_join_power (if it’s needed)

2 - Create a new channel group with these permissions :

  • i_channel_join_power (e.g. value = 10)
  • b_group_is_permanent

3 - For each specific channels you have to add this permission :

  • i_channel_needed_join_power (e.g. value = 10)

Please note : is there a sub channel currently you also have to add the needed power.

Now, you have to switch each users on a desired channel and add them in the new Channel Group.

How to give the permission to Channel Admin that moved his users :

Of course the Channel Admin (channel group must has the same join permissions)
For example, you can use the Normal (server group) for each Channel Admin

In this server group Add i_move_power (e.g. value = 25)
Attention, after that All Channel Admin users can move every one on the server. Just say to all Channel Admin “don’t cause problem or no channel!”

#3 - Make a half public server:
This case is specific. You have several channels without any restriction (like a public channel), and several other for some specific groups.
Of course it is out of the question set for each channel a join power permission.

But you can use the negativ join power for that

1 - Set the negativ permission
For the Guest (or default) server group and other server groups who should not access the reserved channels :

  • i_channel_join_power = -1

2 - For the public channels

  • Right click > Edit channel > Permissions tab > Join = -1

Now for the other channel and members group the join power is useless.

Of course you have a lot of possibilities to make a restriction. This tuto show you a simple configuration like a line of thought .


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Hey, i want to know if its possible to set permissions that just certain groups are allowed to join specific channels?

I mean with join_permission it wouldn’t work, cause with Value 40, another Group with Value 50, they could join everywhere thats lower.

Also i want to ask whats the use of “skip”, “negate” and “grant” besides “value” ?

Thank you.


My topic got closed cause of this thread, but it doesn’t even explain my question lol

Well it does.

Read #1 - Restrict channel access by Join Permissions
as an example give the people the channel group “join access”

You can look these up right here:
[Tutorial] The Ultimate Permissions Tutorial - TeamSpeak

I asked for multiple groups.

Like Channel 1 only Group 1 can join.
Channel 2 only Group 2 and not that Group 2 also can join Channel 1 cause it has higher Join Power.

This is not possible.

Read the above Post about the existing Methods.

It’s not possible with server groups, but with channel groups.
I believe the initial post talks about this.
You will need to create a channel group that has the correct join power for any “restricted” channel and then assign this channel group to each person that should be able to join in the corresponding channel.