Hotkey on Gamepad/Joystick/Steering Wheel can not be set

So for some reason this only applies to when I am trying to map a PTT button to my Xbox One controller (wired connection). When I try to go in and add a hotkey on my Xbox One controller the gray square just never goes away to finalize the command. Also I will hit the “A” button and it maps it as a button and a Joystick command.


I have 3.5.3 [Stable] Windows on Windows 10
my Plugin for gamepad and joystick is this one…

I have the exact problem but on my PC after I just did a major upgrade (motherboard, SSD, etc.). I found a program called antimicro that allows you to map controller buttons to keyboard keys. It’s not perfect because when pressing your PTT button, whatever key you assigned it TS is also activated in chat for example. It’s so far not a problem, just an annoyance but it would be better if we didn’t need this.

i have this same issues with a new PC build

Try antimicro. So far, it’s working for me. Remember to start it as administrator or it won’t work.

Good luck!

I am trying to set a push to talk hot key to my wheel and it will read the button push but wont turn off the window like normal just keeps adding to it. When this happens it only activates the push to talk with the second button pushed. I can use the shiftier and it works as it should. I am at a loss how to fix it.


The device does not send a key release event for that button.
This is why the client still thinks you are holding the button.

Maybe a driver update helps or the support from your device knows more and can explain it.


Hello, I’m having a similar problem. I am running version 3.5.3 and using a Fanatec Clubsport Wheel. I did a major upgrade on my pc and reinstalled everything on a blank ssd. Everything used to work until I did the upgrade. Now, when I disable then enable the Gamepad and Joystick Hotkey Support addon and then go to capture and click the button to assign a hotkey to PTT, it registers button 3 but the dialog stays open until I click the mouse or hit a key on my keyboard. It then has button 3 + Mouse button 1. The settings button on the joystick addon is grayed out. Any help is greatly appreciated.

i have the simxperance wheel I just started getting this issues with a new PC build the old one works correctly

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