How to install themes on linux?

I want to know how I can install a theme on debian. I downloaded the .run file from the website and run the client by executing the shell script inside it. How can I install a theme like this one: [Skin] Dark - A dark theme for TeamSpeak 3 🌑?

  1. Navigate to the TeamSpeak 3 installation directory.
  2. Extract the theme files to the styles directory /.ts3client/styles ( create a styles directory if it doesn’t exist)
  3. Apply the theme in TeamSpeak 3
  • Open TeamSpeak 3.
  • Go to Settings > Options > Design.
  • In the Style dropdown menu, select your new theme.
  • Apply the changes and restart TeamSpeak 3

Oh wow I didn’t think it would be this easy, out of curosity. Where would I put the package.ini ? I put it under the styles directory to

No, the package.ini file should not be placed in the same styles directory where you put the themes. Instead, it should be placed inside the theme’s own directory.
Inside the styles directory, create a separate directory for your theme.

When I create a subfolder called Dark in the styles directory and unpack the zip file into this folder I have the .ini and and onther folder with the .tpl files. If I do this and start ts the theme is not recognized. Only when I unpack every file into the styles folder directly does it get recognized.

Yeah, the package.ini is just used by the installer. When installing a theme (or plugin) manually you can ignore this file.

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