How to restrict channel access (aka user join a specific channel)

The question often return and it is not easy to explain the permission system of Teamspeak 3 simply with words.

It is very powerful but sometimes maybe a bit complicated.

I present here to you 2 solutions in several others, to restrict access to a channel.
In a second step, you have the opportunity to give some power to Channel Admin.

First of all:
You have to us the Advanced permission mode : Settings > Options > “Application” part > check Advanced permissions system

#1 - Restrict channel access by Join Permission :

1 - In the Guest server group remove these permissions :

  • b_channel_join_permanent
  • b_channel_join_semi_permanent
  • b_channel_join_temporary

(i_channel_join_power if it’s necessary)

2 - Create a new Channel Group with these permissions :

  • b_channel_join_permanent
  • b_group_is_permanent

If you want allow access for some specific channels (public channel)
1 - Right click on channel
2 - Channel Permissions
3 - Add b_channel_join_permanent

Now, you have to switch each users on a desired channel and add them in the new Channel Group.

#2 - Restrict channel access by Join Power :

1 - In the Guest server group:

  • Remove i_channel_join_power (if it’s needed)

2 - Create a new channel group with these permissions :

  • i_channel_join_power (e.g. value = 10)
  • b_group_is_permanent

3 - For each specific channels you have to add this permission :

  • i_channel_needed_join_power (e.g. value = 10)

Please note : is there a sub channel currently you also have to add the needed power.

Now, you have to switch each users on a desired channel and add them in the new Channel Group.

How to give the permission to Channel Admin that moved his users :

Of course the Channel Admin (channel group must has the same join permissions)
For example, you can use the Normal (server group) for each Channel Admin

In this server group Add i_move_power (e.g. value = 25)
Attention, after that All Channel Admin users can move every one on the server. Just say to all Channel Admin “don’t cause problem or no channel!”

#3 - Make a half public server:
This case is specific. You have several channels without any restriction (like a public channel), and several other for some specific groups.
Of course it is out of the question set for each channel a join power permission.

But you can use the negativ join power for that

1 - Set the negativ permission
For the Guest (or default) server group and other server groups who should not access the reserved channels :

  • i_channel_join_power = -1

2 - For the public channels

  • Right click > Edit channel > Permissions tab > Join = -1

Now for the other channel and members group the join power is useless.

Of course you have a lot of possibilities to make a restriction. This tuto show you a simple configuration like a line of thought .

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