How to save custom theme

Hello guys,

I don’t know anything about web development or coding in general but I disliked the default design of the new TS5 client.

So I went ahead and followed this guide on how to create my own style.

Now that I’m finished I don’t know how to save it. I closed it once already and it deleted all my changes.

For the ones interessted, I wanted to match it to my Tidal Music Application, this is how it looks like ^^:

Would be nice if you could show me how to save my style :smiley:

Thanks in advance

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To use the custom theme engine implemented in TeamSpeak you need to follow the instructions of the which you can find here or in the docs folder C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak\docs



Thanks a lot. I used your json and stuff from colorful Teamspeak as a template. I will change everything and credit you even though that file is never leaving my computer :smiley:

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Note: my CSS file has so much unused code in it which I need to clean up at some point xD

I’m literally using the “main.8e5f713b16ed35ba7cc7.css” css file. I’m just modifying it o.O
So don’t worry about your 50kb file, I’m using the original 400kb file

Add a custom flag to your desktop icon --remote-debugging-port=9988 and open it in your browser by typing localhost:9988 this way you can work on your css much easier.

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