Teamspeak 5 | Create your own Custom Stylesheets (=Themes/Styles)

So on your Desktop create a Shortcut to your Teamspeak.exe

Default location:

"C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak\TeamSpeak.exe"

Then rightclick and go to Properties then edit the path to

"C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak\TeamSpeak.exe" --remote-debugging-port=9222

After that just open up teamspeak with the created Shortcut (Note: Close Teamspeak Client completly when opening with the shortcut)

Then if open, log in then open up chrome and type in the URL-Bar:


select “Teamspeak Client UI”
If Open you have successfully opened up the remote devtools

detailed video comming soon


One quick question! Are you mandated to use Chrome? Cause I’ve tried with Firefox and was only able to get ”TeamSpeak Client UI” and that other link to show up. After choosing ”TS…” nothing shows up, only white background. And that other link works only after copying it and pasting in browser bar, clicking doesn’t work.

BTW, it’s working on Linux if someone wants to know. Just create a launcher and in command field put path/to/ts5/file --remote-debug-port=9222. Should probably work also from Terminal, but haven’t tried that.

Yes it has to be chrome (or any chromium based browser) as TeamSpeak (5) ist chromium based.
The chromium devtools are specifically designed for chromium.
The Teamspeak application is not hosting a devtools webserver but rather opening the connection to the front end so chromium can access this and generate the specific devtools.

All right, thanks for answering. It’s kinda funny that I’d need to install Chromium just for this one thing :smile:


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I want to start working on my custom theme but it looks like there no way to hot reload or reload on file change for extension/plugins/theme. Does anyone know a way to do that?

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