I cant start server 3.11.0 (CPU does not have POPCNT)

Will a later update fix it so I can use new server versions on the current CPU?

3.12.0 is said to support POPCNT only on x64 servers with x86 servers not needing it. But this version is in making right now so you need to use 3.10.2 for the time being.

Upcoming server 3.12.0 will allow you to use the 32 bit. The 64 bit variant won’t.


Can I dump the 64 bit server files in my 32 bit installation to update and keep my database? Or is that not possible.

It’s possible but you can not use the 64 bit specific files. We suggest to make a clean install and move needed files to the new installed server. Please read below.


Everybody in here now can try the 3.12.0.


Hey @TS.ChrisR,

i have the same Problem with the POPCNT. I found out that my CPU is to old and have not the POPCNT. I tried the 3.12 beta as 32bit version but still get this log informations

2020-02-25 14:00:10.839307|INFO |ServerLibPriv | |TeamSpeak 3 Server 3.12.0-beta.1 (2020-02-19 09:45:27)
2020-02-25 14:00:10.839307|INFO |ServerLibPriv | |SystemInformation: Windows Server 2012 R2 (9600) x64 (AMD or Intel) Binary: 32bit
2020-02-25 14:00:10.839307|INFO |DatabaseQuery | |dbPlugin name: SQLite3 plugin, Version 3, ©TeamSpeak Systems GmbH
2020-02-25 14:00:10.839307|INFO |DatabaseQuery | |dbPlugin version: 3.11.1
2020-02-25 14:00:10.839307|INFO |DatabaseQuery | |checking database integrity (may take a while)
2020-02-25 14:00:10.854933|INFO |SQL | |db_CreateTables() tables created
2020-02-25 14:00:10.886183|WARNING |Accounting | |Unable to open licensekey.dat, falling back to limited functionality
2020-02-25 14:00:10.901807|INFO |Accounting | |Licensing Information
2020-02-25 14:00:10.901807|INFO |Accounting | |licensed to : Anonymous
2020-02-25 14:00:10.901807|INFO |Accounting | |type : No License
2020-02-25 14:00:10.901807|INFO |Accounting | |starting date : Mon Jul 1 00:00:00 2019
2020-02-25 14:00:10.901807|INFO |Accounting | |ending date : Wed Jul 1 00:00:00 2020
2020-02-25 14:00:10.901807|INFO |Accounting | |max virtualservers: 1
2020-02-25 14:00:10.901807|INFO |Accounting | |max slots : 32
2020-02-25 14:00:14.620566|INFO | | |Puzzle precompute time: 3681
2020-02-25 14:00:14.636191|INFO |FileManager | |listening on, [::]:30033
2020-02-25 14:00:14.636191|INFO |VirtualSvrMgr | |executing monthly interval
2020-02-25 14:00:14.636191|INFO |VirtualSvrMgr | |reset virtualserver traffic statistics

I run the Server on a WindowsServer 2012R2 machine with a PentuimE6600. If u need some more Informations feel free to ask :slight_smile:


PS: I tried it as new clean installtion and as imported in my old one

What are you referring to? We don’t see anything wrong in the log.

Btw. we just released beta 2 of 3.12.0 was just preparing the announcement thread.

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That’s not really true, my Xeon X3470 is from 3Q’09 and has Instruction Set Extensions: SSE4.2.
For those who have an “older” Intel CPU just have a look here Intel® Product Specifications.

Kind regards.

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I have EXACTLY your same problem. Solution?

It doesn’t support POPCNT as I explained already in your thread.

For example a CPU supporting POPCNT (See the flags):

have win 10 client installed, server will not install

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What do you mean by

in this case?

Please post some logs if you can and your PC specification. Without this no one can help you.


never got the server query, login password and token upon installation


You can set a new query login password.
Using the query console you can set a new server admin token as well.

How to?


I have no idea what this means or how to do it.

Sorry we can’t help you without any details from your side.

You can download the TeamSpeak server files here:



My guess is that he uses old hardware but does not tell us and the server will not start on that old CPU ;D
Try Server 3.12.0 [Beta]

OR he can not read that he has to accept the license.

Ps. there is no installer. You only extract the server package and start it.

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if the problem is the old hardware then he need to use the 32-bit version of 3.12.0 :stuck_out_tongue:
i think popcnt is not supported so… :smiley:
for 64 bit version still need popcnt supported hardware but no need for 32 bit version :slight_smile:

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HOW DO I do this?

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