I don't see my badges in badges options on ts3

My badges on site: image

My badges on ts:

Why is this like that??

Either you are not logged in with the same account or you reset your password without the necessary recovery key. In this case all your stored bookmarks and identities will be gone and you won’t be able to access your badges too unless you make a new recovery key.

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I changed password, that’s right, but i can’t make new recovery key, but I have old one .-.

So it asks you for the recovery key somewhere, enter it and everything will be fine again.
I assume you got Win10. You should have a notification at the right corner about your recovery key.

where? I can’t find it…

Bottom right corner in the windows notifications?

No? Why shoud it be there…?

When i reset my password, i did log out from the client, then logged in again and had down there a notification. I just clicked on it and a pop up window showed up asking for the recovery key in order not to loose my data.

Do me a favour, log out and log in again (myteamspeak in client)

OMG WHAT, I’ve just lost my lvl on ts3 server now! I was just trying to put somewhere my recovery key tha hell??

You said you have the recovery key, so nothing is lost. You just need to enter it when you log in again.

it don’t ask me about that :((( but i have option for new recovery key… what the hell :frowning:

When I logg into my acc, then checking it again in option, password seems to be different, why is that, where’s my data? :confused:

What do you mean the password seems different? Didn’t you login with the password you set?

I login with my new pass. but when i close those option and open it again, pass. is shorter :(( I’ve lost my data :(( I can’t put my recovery key nowhere…

I just wanted to get those new badges, then I couldn’t see them in my ts, I try to log in and out couple times and everything is like it has been reseted :frowning: but I still have my old avatar on serwer and +18 rank, so those two things are the same but I’ve lost all of my other ranks, what’s going on??

I even saved my Indentity, what can I do??

If you saved your identitty just go under Tools --> Identities --> Right Click --> Import and add it back.
Then you only have to manually add the bookmarks.

but what about recovery key? badges?

OMG YESS, I have my ranks bacccck, indentity works now, but badges still doesn’t.

Your badges whatever you do won’t get lost.
About the recovery key create a new one.
And i don’t know why you still can’t see your badges.

I have my every rank from indentity, so ts account is for what? badges and all indenities? bookmarks? If I make new recovery key now, then I would lost something?

From the moment you don’t reset your password you won’t loose anything.
The account is to store your bookmarks, settings and identities.

If you install teamspeak on a new computer and login there you will have everything you have stored.
That’s the difference between local and synchronised.