Images from Imgur no longer show in client

hello there, i have update my ts3 today and i cannot any longer to see any banners from the server. also the chanel description icons are limited, i cannot see a lot of them

any ideas?

In a channel description in my server there are 25 different images and all look fine.
Most common issue is the cache were the images were stored. Maybe these image links don’t exist now and your cache got cleared and that’s the reason why you don’t see them.
Try to test the image links in a browser (make sure to check the http and https differences).
In other case just clean the TeamSpeak cache on your own and if the images exist they will be downloaded again.

done that, re-uploaded all the images and still the same. god knows

I have no other idea why this happened. Maybe someone else has a better idea or the solution :slight_smile:

Can you give us an example banner? We’d like to test this out.


@TS.ChrisR It was from the site where we uploaded the images
I helped him now its good !

If all the pictures are from imgur then the issue is unrelated to this update.

Imgur started to block access for the client (the client log shows which reply you get from imgur) and we don’t know why.


I had to format the pc and lost the cache of the ts3 and the images of imgur that I have in the channels do not load but in the navigator yes.

in ts5 if you load the images from imgur

to com o mesmo problema

Read this before you post something related to Imgur:

You need to host your images somewhere else or use the TeamSpeak server itself as a solution.


That’s a good joke

But no, seriously… host your own images

When I try to put an image in the host range and the host button, nothing appears. I would love to know how to solve this

Read what the client log tells you when the client tries to load the image.
Or give us at least an example of the image you set.


When I try to put an image it does not appear, nor does any error appear.


Please choose another image host or upload and use the images from server directly.