Is it possible to get the TS5?

Hello, so I was just wondering that if it is possible to “sign” to TS5 closed beta. My brother got an email from TS team that he’s in and he downloaded it. Is it random who gets it or only long time users of TS? And also if he would copy the TS5 to my PC? I’m just wondered.

Are you registered to the TeamSpeak 5 Beta Sign Up?
I dont know, if all beta keys have already been sent to all users right now.
If you haven’t registered for the TeamSpeak 5 beta, TeamSpeak will not send you a beta key. You can only get one if you look at TeamSpeak’s social media channels. But you have to be very fast, the keys are usually hidden in pictures.

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Please check this: Small FAQ - How to get TS5 Beta code, use it and other stuff

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How do I get some teamspeak beta code, I don’t know if they can be obtained or if they are sold, I need help

You can only get access to Closed Beta if you signed up for closed Beta in 2018 and have received a Beta code.

If you didnt sign up back then your out of luck really untill open beta.

And you’re wrong cause everyone can get beta code from TeamSpeak’s social media, where they’re hidden and sometimes posted in plain text. It’s only necessary to be quick.

Please check link I posted above.

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