Is there a reason for the missing Beta Updates?

I just wonder because in the roadmap isn‘t written that much which is coming within the next update…


No idea what happend. There’s a big silence since a month now, forum or social media (e.g. twitter).
Also some staff members are quite invisible… last seen a few days or weeks ago.

Hopefully we’re getting some more news as soon as possible.


Yes, that’s the reason for my Question. A month ago they’ve posted nearly every day some informations concerning the beta. The only things I saw were the insta stories including the Overwatch or CoD League…

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The Instagram stories are probably in the contract that they have signed with OWL and CoD League, they sadly have to post these.

That could be pretty interesting…


And always remember:



Now my mood has changed from unconfident to very good :smiley:

I’m so excited for the new update! :smiley:

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I don’t knew that you still use teamspeak since you got banned… :smiley:

Thank you btw for sharing this information :slight_smile:

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I still do a lot of stuff, just not public :blush:

Very nice, would be great if you could reopen your Twitter Account, was a very nice page at my opinion

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