Issues after a db restorarion


After a db restore because of a defacement attavk on our TS3 server 3.13.17 i have 2 issues:

1- I see duplicated client list ID see image: Screenshot by Lightshot

2- Even if i am server admin i cannot set permanent ban to anymore see image: Screenshot by Lightshot

Please help me…

There is no support for modified databases.

Please use a backup of an older database file or snapshot of the server.

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Hello Chris thank you for teh reply but seems you have not understood…

modified db?? What are u talking about? I have not modified anything’s, just restored the server after the hack attempt (see here Licensed TS3 Server got defaced and damaged today by hacker - TeamSpeak Server - TeamSpeak)

Can you please help me with my 2 issues?

Sorry but we are not supporting modified databases and won’t tell anyone to do it.

The wording “DB Restoration” and the “image shown” speak for themselves. The database is modified as it was opened / written with anything else then the TeamSpeak server itself. We define this as modification of our database and results like this can happen.

Fixing this would also need a third party tool. This would also not be the TeamSpeak server.

So please use a backup of an older state of the database.

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