Licensed TS3 Server got defaced and damaged today by hacker

This morning we detected unauthorized super admin access by a memebrod in the community, he deleted parts of the ts and deleted server groups.

We have identified the person and the ID as well as the MyTeamspeakID login.

We plan to report this person’s data and IP address to the authorities.

Can you help us and intervene at the TeamSpeak account level?
We would appreciate support in understanding how to block this person’s access to Super Admin powers, we have banned him but we are not sure it is enough.

Sorry to read that.

The word hacked is often misused for a situation where often misconfigured permissions (by accident or missing knowledge or misunderstanding or Admin groups above the ServerQuery Server Admin) allow user to do more than they should be able.

The only way to ensure he has no hidden permissions is a permreset to reset all permissions on whole virtual server.

But when he has the login data for the Serveradmin login, then only changing it’s password will help.

About his account…

I’m not a lawyer and this is mostly a forum for tech support, so following about law forcing us may be wrong.

We are not giving out data about our users as long they don’t want us to do this or anyone who represents the law would force us.

So whenever your authority forces us this may change.