Live Mic on Android


Is there a ‘live mic’ function on the Android app?

The intention is to turn the mic on until i decide to stop transmitting?


As said in Physical Android mic button, your mic transmit voice unless you choose PTT or mute it.

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Maybe I have misunderstood. When you press the ‘push to talk key’ you must hold it until you are finished transmitting?

This is how mine works on my S10, or am i missing something here?


In Options > Audio you have the first option “Use Push-To-Talk”. Uncheck it and you have continuous transmission. Then you just set up mic mute key and voila.

Hmmm ok.

I am running TS3 android 3.3.7 on 2 separate devices (one Samsung and one Redmi) and this does not work for me. With the settings enabled as you said I still only transmit when holding the PTT button.

That’s weird… Just to test it, I connected to the same server both on PC and phone and I’m hearing myself without any problem both with and without headset plugged in.

I only have Voice activation level lowered to -35 so that I don’t need to scream out loud.

Maybe you set up PTT key previously. Try to check it up and delete it if you did.

So i uninstalled the app then re-installed and it worked as you said…Great …when i change the settings back to use PTT it works as expected …great…HOWEVER , I then revert back to an open mic and its giving me the same issue.

I don’t really want to uninstall the app every time I change my use so wonder if its a known bug or is their an easier reset?

Appreciate your tips, at least I can get it working in some instance for now.

Great news everything works.

As for reinstalling, way back I had a problem with synchronizing. When something gone wrong, synchro would not stop and on another start, the app was totally unresponsive so I uninstalled it few times when it happened.

I’ve found out that rebooting my phone did the same thing as reinstalling the app all over again, so maybe this would help with your problem, as I think something has to be saved to cache and is getting out of place. I guess it’s worth a try.

So I take it that you no longer have the same issue after reinstalling the app and restarting the phone?

Yes same issue occurs when i change settings. Seems like I need to change to my desired settings then reboot the phone.

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