Physical Android mic button

Has anyone found a way to use one of the hard keys (eg volume up) on the mobile to turn the mic on/off?

Even more interesting is there any headset out there that works with TS to do this function?

I’m thinking, when out and about I do not necessarily want to be fumbling around trying to hold down the soft key for every transmission.

Options > Audio > Set a mic mute key.

Preferably check ”Intercept keyevent”.

Also regarding Live Mic on Android, as this somewhat corresponds to that, until you choose PTT or mute your mic, it will send voice.

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When my phone is in my pocket locked or I’m using another application these keys become inactive. I guess my question here is …:slight_smile:

Is there a way to mute or tx with keys outside of the TS3 application when its running in the background? (not including the software overlay widet)

Well, when ”Intercept keyevent” is checked, no matter what, it should mute your mic. But it has some problems.

I’ve tried it just now to be sure with few apps (Firefox, few games, WinAmp, Soundcloud, Twitch, PS App and YouTube). My mic mute button (set on headset button) works as it should, unless…

…I open YouTube or eg. start playing something on Soundcloud or other app.

YouTube makes it unusable (acts just like normal, it pauses video), Soundcloud intercepts it as pause button as well. Same with WinAmp when I start listening to music.

When I open YouTube app (or any other app for viewing videos/listening to music in which headset button works as pause), I need to switch to TS app for the button to work, but then it only works inside TS. Switching apps makes button not working unless I reconnect to server.

Looks like it’s a bug in software, but maybe this is intented by Google and cannot be changed easily.

Don’t really know who should we ask, so @binpower93 and @TS.ChrisR (he’ll probably answer first, so I’ll ‘at’ him just in case, even if he’s not Android Dev from what I know).

Question for devs: Is it intended to work like this or is it a bug?

I have also tried locking my phone. While locked i can continue to transmit and receive audio however the keys do not work while the device is locked. It would be great if it did. Maybe I’m expecting too much???

For me locking phone works as it should and doesn’t disable muting microphone.

Either way, it really looks like bug in software.

Ok. Maybe its my headset. Ill have to grab another and see how it goes.

I am using Samsung S10 and cannot get the any of the keys to function while the phone is locked.

How is it intended to function when the phone is locked?

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