Login / user settings - migrating from TS3 to TS5 Client



Maybe I did not find a similar topic… therefore (in advance) Sorry for a probably double post.

I migrated all the server connections from TS3 client (locally stored) to MyTeamspeak, in order to use them in TS5 Client.
Unfortunatelly (with the exception of my own TS3 Server) in TS5 client, there aren’t any rights available on the server which I want to use. in TS3 client, I have elevated or adminstrative rights on several servers, but when using TS5, on that particular servers I am “only” guests.
What did I do wrong? Any ideas?

Have you checked you bookmark setting to connect to with your correct identity?

If your identity is not listed there, you can import them in the Identities settings, if they are not synchronised with myTeamSpeak. In the drop down menu you can then decide which identity you want to use by default for connecting to servers.

To import the identity from file, you need to first need to export it from TS3 and then import it via the import button in the TS5 client.


Thank you for your help.
I tried… but… w/o success, I exported in TS3 as you mentioned, and also imported as you described.

However I’m still “guest” on particular servers using TS5 client while I am Admin using TS3 client.
In TS3 client, there exist “STANDARD” and “DEFAULT” profiles. If I use STANDARD, I am admin, if I use DEFAULT I’m also GUEST in TS3. But for what reason, STANDARD is not exported and also not imported as profile.

What do I do wrong?

At least I’m happy to be admin on my own server also using TS5 client.
Thanks in advance for more help.

Best regads