Sent this to team speak which explains all:

Hi, What’s needed is somewhere as a paying customer you can speak to someone who can actually talk (yes I know that’s old fashioned and so not cool now days) you through problems with your rented system.

I own Team Speak which I allow a clan in world of tanks to use. I’m 64 and self taught but I have to say I’m pretty proud of the whole thing and learning all the time sadly with little help available it has to be said.

A week ago I was having major sound level issues with 7 other clan members in a room and then I found that ALL sound has been lost despite the fact that the test button says ‘all is ok’.

Please can some one contact me and help solve the problem which, I am sure is down to me in some obscure setting or another.

I have even attached a video showing you the problem.

I await contact and let’s hope that team speak really is the best product on the market and really cares about its paying customers.

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Hi, you gave us 0 details about your operation system or client or audio devices so we could only guess the issue.

Please read and follow.

We do not rent any servers. you are paying a hosting company for the server.
There is no video attached?

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