Lost admin rights after updating linux server, privilege key cant be used again, how to regain rights?

I’m running free TeamSpeak3 server 3.12.1 on my VPS (Ubuntu 20.04). After an update (untarred new version into same directory) I have lost admin rights to the virtual server. All options are greyed out. Same thing in the permissions menu, I’m simply a guest now. Presumably because I have overwritten all permissions.

Tried to get admin permissions by using the privilege key, but that doesn’t work because it was a one use only key. How do I get control over the server back?

Privilege keys are one time use and are invalid once used.
The reason you’re not having permissions is very likely because you’re using a different identity. Unless you also lost all channels on the server in which case you didn’t update the server correctly, but created a new installation.



You have several solutions, you can connect by telnet or with third party software like YaTQA with your Query credentials (much simpler) for server rights.

If you forgot your query password, stop your ssh server and run the command

./ts3server_startscript.sh start serveradmin_password=Your password


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Guys thanks for your help, I figured it out. The problem was that I connected from another computer with the same nick but a different user id. After ex- and importing the user id to the second computer I was server admin again. Sorry for the confusion.

That was it :wink:


If I can advise you, I advise you to create a MyTeamSpeak account which allows you to save your favorites as well as your identities and also to have badges.

Create an account

now you need to connect to the client.

Tools ► Options ► myTeamSpeak

PS : and it allows you to have the new functionality of the new TeamSpeak 5 client.


You know your ”advise” 'bout creating myTS account is worth nothing, because in order to post on forum, they need one? So why?